Saturday, May 1, 2010

Web Design

Back when MySpace was cool, and Facebook was only known to Californian college students, I used to change my MySpace layout just about every week. In fact, I changed it so often that I eventually learned how to make my own. My friends started asking me to change their layouts for them too. Being a geek, I was only too willing to oblige, and actually enjoyed doing it. I even made them their own sometimes (but only for the special ones).

Since joining the blogging world I've looked around at customizing the look of my blog, but I'm a bit out of practice in design, so it's going to take me a while to find something I like (that's the problem with knowing how to create your own, it can make you picky!) You'd think seen as that's what my husband does for a living I'd have the coolest looking one around, but he's more on the coding side, so I've still got to come up with a sweet design for him (which is usually my part anyway) Until then, I'm afraid you'll all have to put up with a bit of blah.

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