Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Church Buildings

I’ve decided to rather split the now infamous “part 2” into a few separate blogs instead of just one. The way I feel now about church didn’t happen overnight, so why should my blog!? Besides, I like putting things in their own little boxes and categorizing my thoughts, and seen as this is my blog, that’s what I’m going to do :)

I’m going to start with the part that was the easiest for me, buildings.

Are they completely necessary? (Just to set the record straight in case anyone was wondering, I’m just talking about church buildings here, not other buildings like homes, etc. I happen to like my house a lot, and wasn’t planning on living outside or anything ;).
If we are the church, then consequently whenever we meet together we’re having “church”! Therefore, we could theoretically meet anywhere for fellowship.
In fact, it seems to me that the Apostles encouraged the meeting homes, surely if they wanted us to build large church buildings to gather in they would have rather said that?

Here's a thought. What would happen if your church met somewhere that didn't cost anything? Think how many ways that money could be used for something else. E.g. helping the poor, widows and orphans (which, when the NT believers gathered money, was what they used it for)

I’m not just talking about churches who are still busy paying off their buildings, I’m also talking about those who have plans to build bigger ones. Even churches who aren’t actually paying anything on their building, couldn’t that building still be sold and the money given to those in need?

Ok, I’ve probably offended enough people, so I think I’ll stop there for this thought.

Check out these verses that talk about the early church meeting each other homes:
Acts 2:46 and 8:3
Romans 16:5
1 Corinthians 16:19
Col 4:15
Philemon vs 2

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Don't be ridiculous

I was busy cleaning out my email and found this in an old (very) draft. I want to put it somewhere safe, so it's now a blog :)

But first a bit of background:
Andrea, Kirsten and I were inspired to write a song while we were away in Onrus together after matric. It was really dumb, but we loved it. (but that song is another blog for another time)
Another thing we did on our weekend away was play the game Mad Gab. We all cracked up at the line "Don Bee Rid He Cue Lous" (or something like that) and so we started saying it about everything.
The next week when we went to Kleinmond for the young adults weekend away, Andrea and Kirsten started making up a new song (with input from Allison too if I remember correctly). Naturally "don't be ridiculous" had to be in the new song. I was busy playing war, so only helped write some of the song.
For Summer Camp, Andrea, Kirsten and I went up on stage and sang it (Andrea played guitar as well) for the Summer Camp talent show thing! It was quite an experience.

Anyway, here's the song.

Verse 1:
Sitting in the sun
Tryin'a catch a tan
Getting really hot
So I need fan
Trying to conform
To society
We're not really free
To be who we wanna be

Pre Chorus:
You're so superficial
But you don't realise that you're God's official one

Don't be ridiculous (x3)
You're so, you're so ridiculous

Verse 2:
You are trying to be
So popular
Livin' like you're in
a Soap-Opera
Try 'n get yourself
A new hottie
So you can take him to
the latest party
You're so superficial
You don't realise that you're God's official one
Don't be ridiculous (x3)
You're so, you're so ridiculous

God made you in his own special way
Thinking of you every day
When you're feeling lonely
He'll be there to keep you company
Don't be ridiculous (x3)
You're so, you're so ridiculous
You're so superficial
You don't realise that you're God's official one

Friday, March 20, 2009

Berry Good

I am thoroughly addicted to Rita's Italian Ice. The closest one we have is like 30 mins away, but it's so worth the drive! For those of you who have not had the pleasure of having Rita's...it's one of the first things we will do when you come visit :) The closest thing there is to it is maybe a Slushee, but it's not as runny as that.

They're running a competition at the moment, to see if you can name the new mystery flavour. The mystery flavour was indeed quite mysterious. My guess is that it's some kind of berry flavour. Who knows, maybe it's some random South African berry that no-one else has ever heard of! The grand prize is free Rita's ice for a year (well actually 52 regular size ice coupons).
If you want to help me out...go to http://mysteryflavor.com and vote for "Berry Brr" or "Amazing Acai" (you can just search for them instead of looking through the whole list)

Even better than winning (or at least tough competition) would be getting hired to work there. Just turned in a resume/CV last night. Got really excited about the possibility of being accepted. It's in God's hands now though

Monday, February 23, 2009

A joke from way back

This was my absolute favourite joke as a kid. I started telling it to Jason one day, and to my horror, not only had he not heard it before, but I couldn't remember how it went exactly!
So after a thorough Google search, I finally found a similar version, and then modified it for you benefit, so here it is:

Three kids, Trouble, Manners and Shut-Up, decided to play a game of hide-n-go-seek together.
Trouble was it, so while he counted Manners hid up a tree and Shut-up hid behind a police car.
When the policeman noticed Shut-up hiding behind his car, so asked him, "What's your name, kid?"
"Shut-up", answered Shut-up.
The policeman was appalled, "Excuse me?!", he said.
"I said Shut up.", Shut-up replied.
"Where are your manners, boy?", the policeman exclaimed.
"He's up a tree", Shut-up said.
"Are you looking for trouble?", the policeman asked.
To which Shut-up replied, "No, Trouble's looking for me!"


Thursday, February 19, 2009

This is for Justine

- Available: to Jason, yes
- Age: 23. Sometimes.
- Annoyance: Grammatically incorrect Facebook statuses, too many exclamation marks (I stole those both from Ryan), being lied to, allergies, not having a job...more stuff I'm sure, but I try not to dwell on the negative things in life
- Animal: Baby animals...no matter what animal it is, the baby is always cuter. I like dogs, polar bears, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, raccoons, squirrels...yeah, I like animals.

- Birthday: 11 January
- Best Friend: Jesus
- Blind and Deaf: I'm pretty sure this question is supposed to be "or" instead of "and". But seeing as it was incorrectly phrased, I'm boycotting.
- Best weather: I love weather! Snowing, tropical thunderstorms, raining (if I'm inside), mildly sunny (21C/70F) or a little warmer with a light breeze.
- Been out of SA? Hmm...
- Believe in Magic: Um...I believe in "magic" tricks (i.e illusions) and there's evil "magic" too.
- Believe in Santa: Again this word believe...there is a guy in a red suit, who's real, he just gets paid to dress up like that.

- Candy: is great. What about it? I'm thinking of making some "Irish Potato Candy" tomorrow coz it's St Patrick's Day
- Color: blue.
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Vanilla :)
- Chinese/Mexican Food: Chinese
- Cake or pie: Depends what kind of cake and what kind of pie (I'd choose apple pie over coffee cake ANYday)
- Continent to visit: Back to Africa, or first time to South America.
- Cheese: is also great. It gives you nightmares if you eat it late at night though. Feta is the best.

- Day or Night: Night
- Dancing in the rain: Might be fun

- Eyes: Mine are light brown, hazel once in a while.
- Everyone's got: a water buffalo!!
- Ever failed a class: Don't think so.
- First thoughts waking up: Either whoops, it's a bit later than I thought (or, oh look, I can go back to sleep)
- Food: I like food. I've actually started watching the Food Network quite a bit, it's usually on at my in-laws' house.

- Greatest Fear: That I'm going to crave something like Marmite, Chutney or Smarties when I get pregnant.
- Goals: see tamijoy.43things.com
- Gum: Raspberry Mint! Best stuff ever! But they don't sell it anymore :(
- Get along with your parents: yip, both sets of them


- Hair Color: blonde
- Height: I believe 5'2'' or something. I have no idea in cm. The last time I remember knowing how tall I was, I was 153cm.
- Happy: is a yuppie word
- Hobbies: baking, digital scrapbooking, making stuff from clay
- Holiday: I would love to be in South Africa right now. Or at Disney, with Disney passes.
- How do you want to die: painlessly after I've lived a good life.
- Ice Cream: is a staple in our house
- Jewelry: is not spelled like that.
- Job: is something I'm currently looking for

- Kids: are great.
- Kickboxing or karate: umm I guess kickboxing is somewhat similar to Taebo?
- Keep a journal: never been very good at that. Trying to start blogging.

- Love: is sometimes a lot of work, but always rewarding.
- Laughed so hard you cried: sure. Best kind of laughing, haven't done it in a while unfortunately.

- Milk flavor: plain milk is yummy. I also like strawberry or chocolate.
- Movies: I watch a lot more of them lately. America has this cool thing called Redbox where you can rent them for $1. And currently, they're free on Wednesdays. Plus we get them from the library. So that's a whole lot of movies, for not a lot of money :)
- Motion sickness: not something I'm prone to (thankfully)
- McD’s or BK: I like them both. Probably BK though (frozen coke...enough said :) but we don't have one close by :(

- Number: 7 is my favourite

O& P
- One wish: a job
- Pepsi/Coke: Coca-a-cola! Although Pepsi makes my favourite: Caramel Cream. Mmm
- Perfect Pizza: Extra cheese, bacon, pineapple, slighly crispy on the bottom, maybe cheese crust too
- Piercings: ears

- Quail: never tried it (I think) I would though.

- Reality T.V.: has some cool shows, and some really lame ones. Haha, I love Beauty and the Geek.
- Radio Station: hmm. I guess Magic.
- Roll your tongue in a circle: is apparently hereditary.
- Ring size: 4 3/4.

- Song: can't think of one at the moment.
- Shoe size: SA: 3 USA: 5 (I shop in the kid's section)
- Salad Dressing: Raspberry Vinaigrette, that one my mom-in-law has (sweet onion or something I think), Ranch, Thousand Island. I'm quite a fan of salad dressings.
- Sushi: No thanks. Chunder vibes!!
- Shower: my shower is pretty nice. And yes I showered today. And I prefer showering to bathing.
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries :) But blueberries are nice too, and really good for you.

- Tattoos: No thanks.
- Time for bed: not yet.

- Unpredictable: my emotions.

- Vacation spot(s): I like travelling. I'd go almost anywhere if it was free.

- Weaknesses: vanilla scented anything, Jason
- Worst feeling: depression
- Worst Weather: really really hot or really hot and humid

- X-Rays: I've had a few. No broken bones though.

-Year it is now: 2009
-Yellow: is my mom's favourite colour. I find myself liking it more and more.

- Zoo animal: I haven't been to the zoo in a looong time. But if I had to pick one that I would imagine was there, that was my favourite, I'd say an elephant. Or a polar bear. Or a giraffe.
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