Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I'm engaged!

So yes, pretty sure you all want to know how it happened and stuff... Not really any big stories to tell though. In fact, don't think we can even pin it down to a date really coz it's been in the cards even before he asked me. We were waiting until we'd spoken to my parents before it became official, and now it's once I've actually got the ring on my finger.

We spent a good few hours, over the course of a few days deciding on a ring, and have eventually found the perfect one! I don't have my own picture of it yet, coz it's still being sized, but here's a link for those of you who want to see what it looks like :)

The wedding will take place in South Africa, sometime around May next year. Yes, I'm still coming home for about a month before Greece.
Jason's hopefully going to come to SA either in August this year, or December, so at least you can meet him before the actual wedding!
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